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Helping kids + parents discover happiness and calm – together.

An engaging, interactive app that teaches children ages 3+ mindfulness – in a way that feels like play.

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Helping kids find their zen.

Today, we better understand how activities like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises improve health for people of all ages.

Practicing these techniques in everyday life – even for as little as 5 minutes – can help kids:

Build focus
Express themselves
Nurture happiness
Calm down
Sleep restfully
Breathe deeply

Learning, on their own terms.

Children practice mindfulness by an ever-growing list of interactive experiences like these (and more!)

Inside weather, icon of a game in the app

"Inside" weather

Tala's yoga, icon of a game in the app

Your yoga studio

Guided yoga, icon of a game in the app

Guided yoga

Breathing game, icon of a game in the app

Breathing journey

Listening tree, icon of a feature in the app

Meditation tree

Parrot orchestra, icon of a game in the app

Jungle music

Better quality time with your kids!

Let’s face it, when our kids make bedtime routines a waking nightmare, or throw one-too-many tantrums in the middle of a supermarket, it can be draining.

Kai’s Sanctuary takes a little bit off the plates of busy parents by making it exciting to learn important self-regulation techniques.

Parents can even take a few minutes out of their day to practice right alongside their children. 

Get them up and moving around.

Rather than sitting around and listening to another video tutorial, your kids are up, moving and doing in real-life. They can play games, create a yoga routine, practice meditation, and more!

Your children will learn mindfulness practices in a way that’s playful, interactive, and customised. They decide what they want to do, how they want to do it, and can even personalise their digital yoga studio in the app.

Kai's Sanctuary is for your family if...

You could use help to manage tantrumsYou'd like a little less chaos in your routineYour kids are struggling with self-regulationYou want to teach your kids life-long skills